Team camps

PHA organize PRE SEASON CAMPS at beautiful Marienbad for teams of each age and league level. Czech-PHA-coaches teach the most important things of the Czech hockey:


Terms: between July and April for 6 whole days (Saturday to Saturday)

Participants: minimum 18 participants in each group (with children groups you need 2 adults as supervisors-they are responsible for the time besides the partice time)

Accommodation: Hotel 2-4 bedrooms with shower and WC

Meals and drinks:

  • breakfast at hotel (buffet)
  • lunch and dinner-restaurant
  • afternoon snack (fruits)
  • evening snack(sandwiches)

(The first meal is the dinner on Sunday, the last meal is the lunch on Saturday.)


morning afternoon
Ice practice: SUN —— 80 minutes
MON 60 minutes 80 minutes
SAT exhibition game against a CZ-team with similar level
  • each practice with 1 PHA coaches
  • practice with PHA goalie coach possible


Gym: MON-FRI 45 minutes (with an aerobic instructor and 1 PHA coches)
Theory-video: MON-FRI 30 minutes (with 1 PHA coches)
Swimming pool: TUE-THU 60 minutes (with kids your own supervisors)


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Conditions for participants

  1. Registration with a team list
  2. Bring with you: all hockey equipment, gym suit, sport shoes, swimsuit
  3. A foreign health insurance for each participant

For extra payment:

PHA can organize the bus transfer from the Airport Prague to Marienbad and back. Also games, buses, hotels, if the team wants to stay in Czech Republic longer then one week.

For tourists with the team we would like organize hotel or pension accomodation. Marienbad is very suitable for vacation.