Goalie Camp


PRO HOCKEY ACADEMY IS ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL HOCKEYSCHOOLS. NOT ONLY FOR SKATERS. FOR GOALTENDERS WE HAVE IN THE SAME TIME OUR OWN PHA-GOALIE-CAMP This is an original and very effectiv combination of a special goalie practice and team training . Goalies makes an individual skill development, but he is the whole week the key-player for his Team .

“There is nothing better than the feeling, if the teammates come to me after a successful gameand we enjoy the victory together. Thats the true reason for me to play hockey.”
Dominik Hasek

SPECIAL PROGRAM (extra program only for GK)

  1. Group – instruction on the ice (4-6 students)
  2. Individual practice on the ice
  3. Theory – for ex. GK-equipment
  4. Videoanalysis – GK-technique
  5. Video – motivational – The best goalies of the World (Olympic tournaments, WCH, Extraliga)


  1. Stance / set position
  2. GK-skating-techniques – forward, backward, shuffle, t-push
  3. Saves
    • glove
    • blocker
    • butterfly
    • stick
    • slide
    • skates
  4. Puckhandling, passing and shooting
  5. Game situation drills
  6. New techniques


  1. How important is a special dryland training for GK
  2. Difference between dryland training for GK and skaters
  3. Stretching
  4. Mental training
  5. Nutrition

goalie camp goalie camp


Jiri KRALIK, PHA-goalie-head-coach (since 1997):

  • Born: 11.04.1952, Zlin
  • Clubs: Zlin, Jihlava, Rosenheim, Berlin
  • Years in the highest division: 14
  • National champion: 2
  • Games for the National team: 99
  • World championships (Results): 1979 (silver), 1982 (silver), 1983 (silver), 1985 (gold)
  • Olympic games (Results): 1980 (5th), 1984 (silver)
  • Canada Cup (Results): 1981 (5th)
  • Awards: Best European Player (1985), Best Czech Player (1985), Best World Championship GK (1982,1985), World championship-All-Stars-Team (1982,1985)
"JIRI KRALIK - Best Czechoslovak player 1985 (2nd Vincent Lukac / 3rd Igor Liba)"

"JIRI KRALIK - Best Czechoslovak player 1985 (2nd Vincent Lukac / 3rd Igor Liba)"