The world-known spa and recreation center Marienbad is situated in a woody valley opening towards the south and sheltered by the wooded hills of Slavkov Forest at an altitude of 628 m above sea level. The renowned treatment of this spa is founded above-all on drinking cure using local springs (altogether over 40).

Marienbad is the town of parks. Sanatoria, holiday homes and hotels are surrounded with parks, which gradually change into the continuous belt of neighbouring forest. In the neighbourhood of the spa there are 70 km of well-kept and marked paths. During leisurely walks a visitor can find beautiful spots, little lakes and unique nature sceneries. There are cafés and restaurants at looking-out points of neigbouring wooded hills.

Bathing pools, golf ground, tennis courts and many other sporting facilities enable to go in for various sports.

The architectonic beauty of Marienbad eloquently speaks about international character of this spa. Besides sanatoria and holiday homes there are comfortable hotels, where even the most demanding guests can find suitable accommodation.

P.H.A. found in Marienbad the ideal place for the participants and their fellow-passengers.