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To all PHA 2020 participants and accompanying parents:
At the opening ceremony (SUN 26.7. from 14:45 to 15:15) and at the closing ceremony (SAT 1.8. from 12.15 to 13:00) in the large hall of the KV Arena we ask you to wear a mouthguard.
The CZ goverment has ordered this obligation for all “indoor” events with more than 100 participants.
Jiri Ryzuk, PHA head of coaching


Sunday, July 26th „Power – is being in control of your own life“ – PDF
Monday, July 27th „Courage – is standing up for your belief“ – PDF
Tuesday, July 28th „A positive attitude – is seeing the light in the shadow“ – PDF
Wednesday, July 29th „Respect – is treating yourself and others with dignity“ – PDF
Thuersday, July 30th „Achievment – is being the best you can be“ – PDF
Friday, July 31st „Self esteem – is feeling good about yourself“ – PDF
Saturday, August 1st „Succes – is a state of mind“- PDF

P.H.A. COACHING TEAM 26.07.2020-01.08.2020 – PDF

PRO HOCKEY ACADEMY has been established since 1994 with three serious goals:

  • to offer an exceptional all-rounded experience with this great team sport called hockey
  • to use and teach the new knowledge and most effective methods of the modern day world hockey
  • to show how important teamwork is everywhere

Pro Hockey Academy 2019 Video